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Discover Our Expertise

Ardent Automation exists to solve the automation challenges facing our clients, both large and small. We focus on taking the time to understand all we can about your company, staff, and direction and use that to help guide you to the best solution for your company.

Machine Vision and Barcode Reading

Looking for a machine vision sensor to solve that one application that is just too variable for a sensor? Need a multi-camera solution for parts inspection? Have a difficult barcode application that seems impossible? 

Let us help! We will walk side by side with you and your staff to fully understand the inspection required and help to frame the solution. From there we work with you to find the best products to accomplish the task and integrate them into your system.

Motor and Motion Control

From small single axis systems with stepper motors, to multi-axis Cartesian systems, to high power (25-250HP) AC servos to replace hydraulic and induction motors, we have seen a wide variety of applications and can advise on system design and calculations, assist with product selection, or design the system to be a plug and play solution to your choice of processor. 

With so any options on the market, it can often be difficult to decide what the best solution will be for any particular problem. Let us help! We will work with your staff to develop a solution that fits the needs of the project while balancing cost and lead time 

Sensors and Other Devices

Looking for a solution to that one problem that just won't go away? These are the challenges we truly enjoy! Whether it is finding the right sensor or device for a project, or making systems talk to each other to make a solution work, we love working on challenges. 

Lets sit down and go over your particular challenge and work together to develop a solution today!

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