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Types of Machine Vision Systems

2D Vision Systems

2D Systems have been the historical standard for machine vision. 2D systems are excellent at pattern recognition. This makes them great quality inspection, measurement and bar code reading on flat objects. 

3D Vision Systems

 3D vision systems represent a new way to look at your manufacturing process. 3D system don't require any of the complex lighting systems or complicated camera structures we all think of when we think about 2D systems. 3D systems are far superior for any type of stamping or plastic molding process. These systems allow you to check all of your tolerances in 3 dimensions on 100% of your parts in real time.


3 Common Uses of Machine Vision

Robotic Guidance

Using cameras to guide robots is one of the fastest growing applications for machine vision. Cameras both 2D and 3D can be used to guide robots to pick up loose or bulk components. These applications almost always have immediate payback by reducing manual labor. 

Quality Inspections

Using cameras for quality inspections has been around for a long time. Today's cameras and systems are more accurate and reliable than ever. Ardent can help you inspect everything from labeling errors to 3 dimensions of tolerances.


Bar-code Reading& Part Tracking

Traceability is a key element to manufacturing today. By adding simple 2D bar-codes to your parts you can now time stamp every step and detail of that components life cycle on your plant floor. Those details can be saved in databases for years of warranty claim data. 

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